18 November 2012

Dress La-D-Da!

Wanna get La-D-Da's style?

You have to check out B-Be-Bee in Hong Kong!
B-Be-Bee sells creative and one-of-a-kind accessories in Hong Kong and is one of La-D-Da's favourite places! Members of La-D-Da are also selling their stuffs in B-Be-Bee!

La-D-Da in B-Be-Bee accessories

  La-D-Da in B-Be-Bee shop

Ruby in B-Be-Bee with her planet necklace

Ruby with Eric & Kenya @B-Be-Bee

Ruby's necklace is available in B-Be-Bee

Check out B-Be-Bee at
at ☯B BE BEE☯
Address: Shop No.2 Ginza Basement Shopping Center, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Enq. +852 6938-1208

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