7 October 2012

Matchy Matchy and mismatched

On Elton: Vintage tee-shirt bought in UK, DIY denim dungaree from 2nd-hand store, Shoes from New Rock, Random accessories.

On Andi: Guns and Roses' shirt from H&M, denim shorts from Mong Kok, Vintage knitted jacket as skirt from 2nd-hand store, boots from Dr. Martens, DIY accessories, Black lipstick from M.A.C.

On Ruby: Vintage leaves-pattern shirt from 2nd-hand store, White skirt from H&M, DIY accessories and sandals, Handmade galaxy cap from a fan.

On Koleman: Vintage shirt and skirt from 2nd-hand store, Scarf from outlet, Sneakers from Champion, Vintage bag from a friend.

Fashion Designer party!

La-D-Da! 's look for Fashion Designer party! 

 On Elton: Vintage Chinese suit from 2nd-hand store, DIY black skirt, Soccer socks from Mong Kok, DIY studded creepers.

On Andi: DIY jean jacket from vintage store, Black and White Stripped pants from H&M, Platform shoes from online store, Pins from Coming Soon,DIY Spiked headband.

On Ruby: See-through hot pink shirt from Forever21, Vintage black dress from 2nd-hand store, Black Maryjane shoes from Demonia, Heart-shape handbag from Vivienne Westwood, DIY spiked headband and accessories, pins from Coming Soon.

On Koleman: Vintage jacket and shirt from 2nd-hand store, Pants from Cheap Monday, Sample clutch from friend, Shoes from Taobao, DIY Bangles.

Green aliens

the colour green is usually not popular in daily outfits but its not a matter for La-D-Da !

On Ruby: Vintage mint shirt as jacket and mint skirt from 2nd-hand store, fish bag from Log-On, DIY blue n pink sandals from market, DIY accessories and pins from Coming Soon.

On Koleman: Vintage neon green shirt, neon green clutch from ISCOV, pants from GUESS, Sandals from Mong Kok, socks from Kwai Chung Centre.

On Ruby; Iron Fist shirt from Ruby, denim shorts from vintage store, boots from Dr. Martens, Kreepsville 666's bag from Ruby.

4 October 2012

Dress-up for Daydream Nation's shop opening!

An amazing local brand- Daydream Nation had a shop opening in Art Centre!

On Andi: Tiger shirt from Mong Kok, Neon pink shorts from online store, Platform shoes from online store, DIY Roses headband and pink cross necklace.

On Elton: Women's Pastel yellow vest shirt from H&M, Yellow checked skirt from 2nd-hand store, Soccer socks from Ladie's Street, Shoes from New Rock

On Ruby: headband from Andi, Vintage pastel blue shirt from 2nd-hand store, Neon pink pencil Skirt from Forever21, Lips pattern pajama as jacket from outlet store, DIY star-shaped box, DIY Lolita shoes from Taobao, Pins from Coming Soon.

On Koleman: Pink hat from outlet, Pink tee as skirt from 5cm, Pink Cardigan from 2nd-hand store, Boxing Gloves as bag from outlet, Sandals from Muji


 La-D-Da! are gangsters!! We are bad boys and girls!

On Koleman: Random see-through top, Suspenders from H&M, Bag from Calvin Klein, Shoes from T.U.K., Pins from Coming Soon and Vintage store

On Ruby: Japanese dollar sign cap from H&M, Vintage Indian gods tee from 2nd-hand store, Vintage belt, shorts from Forever21, Platform Shoes from online store, Pins from Coming Soon

On Elton: Vintage pattern shirts from 2nd-hand store, Jeans from Temple Street, Shoes from New Rock

On Andi: Cross shirt from Cotton On, Skirt from Mong Kok, Boots from Dr. Martens, DIY Accessories

Pink Pink Pink!

Who said pink colour is only for girls? La-D-Da loves pink!

On Ruby: Vintage pink dress and White laced shirt from 2nd-hand shop, DIY big blue cross, Pink kitten bag from Taobao,pink Dr. Martens, Pins from Coming Soon.

On Koleman: Pink hat from Topshop, Random tee and pants from outlet stores, Glittery Cardigan from Mom, Shoes from Mong Kok, Bag and Belt from Midwest Vintage

On Andi: Vintage pink shirt from 2nd-hand store, balck shorts from Mong Kok, DIY pink sneakers

On Elton: Sleeveless top from Boy London, Vintage pink shirt from 2nd-hand store, White pants from Mong Kok,  pink Dr. Martens

Dress-up for Disneyland

  Disneyland is a dream paradise and La-D-Da dressed up with a theme of Harajuku Mickey personified!

On Koleman:  DIY Mickey Hat, Vintage tee, $2 Dungaree from market, DIY Mickey Clutch, Random pins and accessories from everywhere.

On Ruby: DIY Mickey ear's headband, Joyrich tee shirt, Tutu from costume shop, Pins from Coming Soon, Accessories from everywhere.

On Andi: Pink Mickey hat from Disneyland, DIY vintage shirt, Shorts from Mong Kong Centre, Popcorn case as bag from Disneyland, Pins from Coming Soon, Accessories from everywhere.

On Elton: Mickey hat from Disneyland, Vintage Mickey tee, Vintage denim vests and jacket, Vintage checked shirt as layering, Random jeans from online shop, Accessories from everywhere.

1 October 2012

We Are La-D-Da ~!

We Are La-D-Da ~!

Sponsored Graffiti bags from local Hong Kong brand - Iscov

On Elton: Vintage Chinese suit, Floral pants from Cotton On, Green Creepers from T.U.K
On Andi: "Cool Kids" top from Forever21, skirt from Mong Kok, Boots from Dr. Martens
On Ruby: Lips top from outlet, Shorts from i.t., Shoes from online store, Pins from Coming Soon
On Koleman: DIY hat with pins from Coming Soon, Vintage tee and jeans, Shoes from T.U.K